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The Emergency Communication Nurse System (ECNS) is certified by the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch® (IAED™) as its Fourth Pillar of Care and is available to agencies with an ACE designation in the use of the IAED’s Medical Priority Dispatch System™ to triage 911 calls.

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Emergency Ambulance Dispatch

The Emergency Dispatch protocols are known as the Medical Priority Dispatch System (and in their automated form, as ProQA). These protocols are used throughout the world in 40 countries speaking 18 languages or dialects worldwide. They have long since been recognized as the gold standard in the field.

Improved access to health care

Callers are directed to an appropriate level of care regardless of whether they call a nurse triage center or a publicly-available emergency number (such as 999, 911, or 000).

Transforming EMS: Mobile Integrated Healthcare and Community Paramedicine

For additional information, please visit the new MIH-CP section of the NAEMT website.